Koło Badań Psychologicznych Experior

About Us

The Experior Psychological Research Group has existed since 2015. The subject of our activities is conducting scientific research, the results of which we present at conferences and publish in scientific articles. The activity in Research Group enables the acquisition of research experience, which our members use in writing master’s theses, scientific articles and allows implementation of independent research grants. The scope of our research includes behavioral addictions, personality psychology, mindfulness, internet psychology and educational psychology, we also specialize in the creation and adaptation of psychological tests. However, the number of topics that we undertake expands with each new member! Activities in Research Group are based on the cooperation of members within small research groups, which conduct independent research under the supervision of a guardian and experienced colleagues from the Research Group. Thanks to this, each student has the opportunity to explore knowledge in the area that interests him and experience on his own skin what the researcher’s work is all about.


Guardian of the group: PhD Paweł Atroszko
Guardian of qualitative research section : PhD Agata Rudnik

President: Aleksandra Buźniak
Vice-pesident: Natalia Woropay- Hordziejewicz
Treasurer: Krzysztof Jankowski
Secretary: Marek Arasimowicz